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The Yoni Massage

A yoni massage is a therapeutic body-work which supports the healing and health of a woman’s body, mind and heart. Just one session of a yoni massage is often cathartic for women. When we allow ourselves to just feel without any control or expectation, we finally let go and surrender into orgasmic bliss.

Become More Orgasmic

  • Awake the clitoris, G-spot, A-spot, vaginal entrance, and cervix to more sensitivity and pleasure. Explore orgasms beyond just clitoral ones.
  • Awake the whole body to become more erogenous, sensitive, and orgasmic. Increase your awareness about various body parts that you’ve never noticed before.
  • Boost blood circulation and oxygen flow in your genitals. Better flow means more lubrication and intense orgasms.
  • Learn how to “control” your orgasms by deepening, lengthening, and expanding them.
  • Learn how to relax into your body instead of being inside the head. Instead of tensing up with control, learn to surrender into orgasms with less effort.
  • Discover and open your body to cervical orgasms and squirting.
  • Explore the orgasmic joys of anal stimulation.

Nourish Your Libido

  • Explore full-body relaxation and sexual nourishment through loving touch without any expectation of performance or goals.
  • Rebuild trust between yoni and physical touch. Your body will begin CRAVING touch and penetration.
  • Improve natural lubrication and stay wet longer!
  • Raise sexual libido and open the body to craving (great) sex more often!
  • Yoni massage sessions that do not end in orgasm raise a sexual vibration within the body/heart and keep the woman at a simmering aroused state of being.
  • Orgasms heal the heart and gift a pleasurable state of calmness.
  • Orgasms kill anxiety.

Personal Sexual Empowerment

  • A sexually fulfilled body is interconnected with physical health, mental health, healthy relationships, career, and even spiritual practice.
  • Overcome frigidity and body shame. Learn to love your body as it is, not as you wish it was.
  • A sexually open and orgasmic woman is strong in her boundaries and empowered in her desires.
  • Understand what a “great lover” is for you and no longer waste your time on bad lovers.
  • Explore your own body and find out what gives you pleasure so you can share this information with your partner.
  • Realization that all pleasure = mini orgasms.
  • Learn to enjoy pleasure and orgasms without a vibrator or sex toys.
  • Learn to enjoy pleasure from the hands/mouth of a lover.

Release Tension & Healing

  • Release muscle tension from the pelvic floor, vaginal walls, cervix and uterus.
  • Release pelvic floor painful pressure points, muscle stagnation and spasms, unwanted tightness, irritable friction.
  • Gradually rebuilt the trust with your body so it does not spasm with fear upon penetration.
  • Explore conscious penetration and teach the body to fully enjoy prolonged penetration.
  • Heal chronic yoni pain.
  • Improve bowel movement, decrease constipation.
  • Relieve menstrual cramps and irregular periods.
  • Remove emotional blocks and trauma.