Tantra Massage

Tantra massage is a whole-body sensual massage combining classical massage techniques, caring and loving touch, conscious body work, energy flow and the genuine intent of the therapist to give a deep and pleasurable experience. Unlike other therapies, tantra massage is a holistic massage which involves massaging intimate areas – Yoni for women and Lingam for men. Although there is no taboo for experiencing sensual pleasure during the session, a tantric massage does not involve stimulation aimed at achieving orgasm. This approach has a far better effect on the quality of ones sex life and general health and shifts focus to the enjoyment of the process as a whole. However orgasmic states are a pleasurable side effect of tantric massage.

Subconsciously people learn how to limit their pleasure by means of shallow breathing and fast stimulation, taking attention away from the body and creating muscular tension. Tantra massage goes beyond these habitual experiences. First the body receives a great amount of different pleasurable sensations, as a result ones sensitivity grows and the body relaxes. During the session, we use hot towels, soft fur and feathers, various kinds of touch, sent, sounds and warm oil massage to awaken the body. The yoni massage takes about one-quarter of massage and entails focused attention and variety of soft strokes to expand sensual pleasure. The yoni massage enables energy to flow freely through the whole-body nourishing the cells with vital energy, removing emotional blocks and physical tension. This is the key to feeling an ecstatic state of consciousness and profound relaxation.

We offer two forms of tantra massage: the first one is without yoni massage which excludes massage of the pelvic floor and the second one which is called classical tantra massage includes massage of the yoni. Some women visiting us for the first time are not prepared for the yoni massage. This is why we give our clients the opportunity to choose which massage corresponds to their needs the most.


The session always starts with a conversation between the client and the therapist. We need this conversation to get to know your intentions, wishes, special conditions of your health, and discuss boundaries. You will receive some information on the process of massage and as an option get some helpful tips on health, breath, movement, gaze, touch and sound all of which can significantly enhance your experience and unlock new levels of sensitivity. After the massage, you can give feedback and recommendations that may help us improve the quality of our service in the future. You also have the opportunity to take a shower before and after the massage. We believe that real development and changes happen gradually and without any rush. If you want complex work and enough time for massage we recommend booking longer sessions and make several reservations. During the massage, you can stay in underwear, in the nude or draped with a sarong. Nudity is natural and an expression of openness but we understand that some people are not ready for this.

Since this work can have a significant influence on the physical and emotional well-being of the giver and receiver, we create a very safe and comfortable space for each side. In our studio the client-therapist relationships is based on qualities such as compassion, respect and transparency. We practice complete honesty with our clients and ourselves and real contact which means “I see you, I hear you and respect the place where you are now”

Benefits of Tantra Massage

Authentic tantra massage can help on many levels.
– Psychological health: relaxation, relieving stress + boosting life energy, joy, and optimism.
– Self-acceptance: positive attitude to your body free from the feeling of guilt and shame.
– Healing the body: The healing power of pleasure is at the very core of everything we do. Trauma, depression, low self-esteem, lack of energy, low libido, sickness…
– Personal development: conscious work with sensuality and sexuality deepens the feeling of love, contributes to personal growth, and makes us more balanced. Consequently, it improves our relationship with other people.
 Positive Energy: the energy released during tantra massage can be empowering and used for reaching your goals concerning any sphere of your life.