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Tantra Massage:
An Erotic Awakening

This is the nurturing, body-to-body sensual touch massage your body has been craving. Let the stress melt away and let your body reach new thresholds of pleasure. With an emphasis on awakening your whole being, you will be lovingly caressed while gently guided in the basic tantric practices of breathing, body awareness, gaze and touch. This is where the journey to long-lasting, full-body orgasms begins. My intuitive touch is 100% focused on your pleasure and awakening. These sessions can include the profoundly healing sacred-spot (yoni) massage. Sessions are designed for you to reconnect with your body, physically and emotionally to achieve a higher level of sensual consciousness. Our goal is to help you bring back self-love and confidence through spiritual healing that will allow you to experience greater pleasure without guilt, shame or fear. Tantra massage therapy focuses on stimulating the whole body to create a new pathway of feelings in the brain by using our own sexual energy (kundalini).

Sensual Tantra Massage
For Women

Sensuality tends to be a much more connected part of the overall female emotional state. As such the female energy flow is strong and dynamic and invites you to be slow, gentle and caring. Women often express their emotions in the most intimate way. It is thought in tantra that the core of a woman’s sexual energy is in her heart and that her emotional being is her most important center. Often intimacy comes only after she has been met and honored in her heart and soul. During the tantra massage session, it is fundamentally important to respect the woman’s boundaries and feelings about what is good and desirable for her. During a tantric massage session for a woman, the focus is on building trust and expanding pleasure within the body. Tantric massage can also be beneficial for overcoming past barriers to enjoying one’s sexuality fully. These may include traumatic experiences anywhere in the mind and body.

How to Prepare

To really immerse yourself in the tantric massage process, it’s important to take your time and do not rush. When we’re under pressure it can cause feelings of anxiety and worry. The goal is to be fully present in the moment. Turn off your phone, make sure you have enough time for the massage and engage without interruptions. A tantric massage requires both parties to be in the right mindset. Mentally, physically and spiritually. This is not only for the full enjoyment and benefits, but also to make sure that the transfer of energy between two people is light, positive, and calm. Take note of your breathing before and during the massage and try to clear your mind of any intrusive thoughts or worries. A hot shower before the session is very helpful and no food two hours before the session.

Come Experience the Healing Power of Pleasure: The Yoni Massage.

A yoni massage is a therapeutic body-work which supports the healing and health of a woman’s body, mind and heart. Often just one session is enough for a cathartic release and healing. When we allow ourselves to just feel without any control or expectation, we can finally let go and surrender to orgasmic bliss. In the practice of tantra, a yoni massage is the ritual of erotic connectivity focusing on massaging the parts of the vagina known as the yoni, which can be interpreted as a sacred space or divine portal. Practitioners carefully massage the vulva and vagina while the receiver performs breathing exercises. The idea is that both mental and physical tensions are freed, resulting in being able to take pleasure from the delicate yet enchanting tantric touches. Orgasm is not the goal, but is a welcomed side effect for many women.

Our mission is to offer a relaxed, intimate and pleasurable tantra massage experience.

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